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Amikasa - 3D Floor Planner with Augmented Reality app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 6112 ratings )
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Developer: INDG
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.7, last update: 8 months ago
First release : 06 Oct 2014
App size: 523.4 Mb

Design your dream interior with Webby Award Winner Amikasa. Recreate and style your room using furniture and decor from real brands. Then use augmented reality to see how furniture really looks in your room before you buy.

• 2015 Webby Award Winner
• 2015 W³ Silver Award Winner
• Wonen-doe-je-zo App of the month

Whether you’re a global brand or an individual with one brilliant product to showcase, add your products to Amikasa with direct links to your webshop. Go to for more info.

• Design your dream room
• Experience your design as if you were there with the ‘in the room’ mode
• View products in your home with Augmented Reality
• Purchase your favorite items
• Ask for advice by sharing your rooms with friends

“Great app! Very well designed, easy to use and intuitive.” By Cinephile, 5 stars.

“Extremely Helpful. I have been looking and trying multiple apps to help me design my bedroom (we are redoing it) and this app is the best by FAR! It has really helped me out, because you can put in your actual room dimensions and create an exact replica of your room.” By Thor Hammer, 5 stars.

“Simply Beautiful! This app is awesome for anyone interested in designing a room.” By Leoterio, 5 stars.

We are always looking for feedback so please send any ideas on how we can improve the app to Want to show how much you love Amikasa? Rate us in the app store.

Pros and cons of Amikasa - 3D Floor Planner with Augmented Reality app for iPhone and iPad

Amikasa - 3D Floor Planner with Augmented Reality app good for

Thats an incredible app, but it needs a bigger library of furniture.
Great and easy app. Nice interface, but not enough furniture and no kitchen at all.
Great app!!! But it needs to have kitchen stuff and a way to build multiple floors
The only things that would make this app even better would be if you added kitchen appliances and more bed/bedroom options
The creator should make another app like this, except instead the house is already in the game and you design a whole house virtually, interior and exterior. Would be amazing ! MY DREAM APP !
I gave this app four stars (even though it deserves five) because of the lack of kitchen options. There does not seem to be the ability to choose from cabinets or countertops nor are there any kitchen appliances. For example there are no fridges, stoves, or countertop sinks. This app performs beautifully overall and I think its one of the best apps out there for 3D floor planning! By adding in the kitchen modeling option I believe this app will be improved tremendously! Thanks for reading!

Some bad moments

The good: very adjustable room sizes, windows, doors, cubes. Hard to move walls and fireplace once in place. Ok selection of furniture, except it is not adjustable and I have no idea what the dimensions are of each piece. The bad: there is nothing for the kitchen, no appliances, cabinets, countertops, or even adjustable appliances.
Very frustrating experience... Completely waste of time - how this app force me to go with certain size? My door is different but the app doesnt thinks so.... Same for furniture.... Dont waste your time and look for something else - I better do it in Visio for sure.....
At first I thought this app was gonna be just what I was looking for but I deleted it the first day I got it.The way that they set it up makes it hard to get around in my rooms and I dont enjoy the fact that you cant make one big house.basically the only things that you can make are bedrooms and living rooms because they dont even have any kitchen it bathroom appliances or decor!This is not the app I was looking for!
Love the game! However, there is so little to choose from. There is no kitchen appliances or countertops. Plus, there are no islands and rugs. Small selection of different curtains. Think about your everyday life, wouldnt you like to have a kitchen, a patio, and a music room. I really love the game its just hard to make my designs come to life if there is no piano, if there is no plants, or more than one painting. So, if you have the time to put a few more items in the game, it would be very much appreciated!
I absolutely love this app! It is very detailed colorful. The only thing I dont like about this app is that it does not have the option of putting in appliances and putting in a full kitchen. Its a very good app except this one thing!
They dont allow you to put custom furniture. Only there like 3 choices of a bed. Even the solid block they dont let you set the size just adjust with finger. UI for setting up room is perfect, so obviously they are capable. Total scam app.

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