Amikasa - 3D Floor Planner with Augmented Reality App Reviews

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Thats an incredible app, but it needs a bigger library of furniture.

Great app

Great and easy app. Nice interface, but not enough furniture and no kitchen at all.

Great app

Great app!!! But it needs to have kitchen stuff and a way to build multiple floors

Kitchen appliances & more

The only things that would make this app even better would be if you added kitchen appliances and more bed/bedroom options

Take 1

The good: very adjustable room sizes, windows, doors, cubes. Hard to move walls and fireplace once in place. Ok selection of furniture, except it is not adjustable and I have no idea what the dimensions are of each piece. The bad: there is nothing for the kitchen, no appliances, cabinets, countertops, or even adjustable appliances.

I love !!

The creator should make another app like this, except instead the house is already in the game and you design a whole house virtually, interior and exterior. Would be amazing ! MY DREAM APP !

Useless app

Very frustrating experience... Completely waste of time - how this app force me to go with certain size? My door is different but the app doesnt thinks so.... Same for furniture.... Dont waste your time and look for something else - I better do it in Visio for sure.....

App has potential

I was snooping around looking for room design apps, download it to check it out. I think this has lots of potential if app designers expand items. I am a contractor and im always looking for apps that can help me demonstrate 3D rendering and floor plan layouts of work I will provide. There interface is pretty simple and the way the app looks is very appealing. I would be willing to pay for this app if it had the right features I need to work with what they have so far.


I gave this app four stars (even though it deserves five) because of the lack of kitchen options. There does not seem to be the ability to choose from cabinets or countertops nor are there any kitchen appliances. For example there are no fridges, stoves, or countertop sinks. This app performs beautifully overall and I think its one of the best apps out there for 3D floor planning! By adding in the kitchen modeling option I believe this app will be improved tremendously! Thanks for reading!

simply amazing.

I never write reviews for apps; however, this app blew my mind. At the beginning is does take some time to get used to, but as soon as you get the hang of it-youll never want to get off it( just spent 3 hours on this app without noticing). On the sad note, the reason I gave it a four is simply because of how laggy and slow it can become when you have A LOT going on in your room and having no kitchen models or no ability to put Windows on inside wall. Beside those two reason, this app is perfect.

Awesome but...

This app deserves 5 stars, however, it crashes every 2 minutes! Not only that, but it also freezes constantly! It should also have kitchen options for counter tops, cabinets, and appliances. For beds, it should have comforter options. Other than that, its an AMAZING app!

Love the app, but needs more

This is an easy to use app that makes it easy to visualize the room you are going to build and or furnish. The only problem I have run into is the limitation of furniture and fixtures that have limited sizes.

Great but we need more objects

Amikasa is THE BEST house making app for a lot of stuff : •The graphics are pretty, very modern, lights are natural and better than any other app like that. •This app is absolutely one of the most intuitive apps on the app store. Smooth movements, no charging, thats absolutely perfect. •The objects are well realised, there are HD textures, and it is modern! But there are some points I feel a bit sad : •There are no possible house, we can only make a room. •We need soooooooo much more objects, and especially for the other rooms of the house, here we only have Bedroom (4 objetcs), Living and Dining... So please make more objects And if everything gets better within the weeks, this app should be in the TOP (much much much better than other house making apps in the TOP) I advice everyone to get this fabulous app! The fifth star will come when objects will come


Chargement beaucoup trop long


Nice so far, havent got farther can creating a rectangle when I noticed that Im stuck on meters instead of feet and inches. Although Im Canadian, I sadly still havent taught myself metric for carpentry... Can you please let us know how toggle that function?


Beautiful app! Great build options and a very easy interface. I cant wait for the pending furniture expansion. Plants please! And water features! And secret rooms because why not!

Love it!

Its so easy to use. Cant wait for the new furniture update. Id love to see area rugs, tv stands and plants.

Not Bad

This app would get a higher rating from me if you were able to recreate the exact room you are working with. At present it only allows for a basic shape that you cannot vary in any way. The rooms Im working with have slight irregularities like short hallways. Heres hoping they can fix this problem.

Simply Beautiful!

This app is awesome for anyone interested in designing a room or rooms. The only issue but not a deal breaker is that you can sync designs between devices. I think that would be an awesome feature. Please add.


Awesome app! Just wish there was more furniture (im not complaining because the app was free lol) but still amazing and so fun to use!

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